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VOL. 01

THE TOWN OF LONETREE, Wednesday MORNING, November 25, 2015

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Oct 24, 2015

Patch v1.002 "Even Playing Field" Update

We' re pleased to have dropped our 2nd patch since launch. This one is more major, and addreses a few larger scale items from community feedback. Thanks to the community.

Stay tuned for the next patch! 

  • Stats : All characters will start with 12 perk points, they can assign as they wish 
  • Players will no longer earn perk points as they level up 
  • Players will not lose bounty any more. If they ended a match with a negative score, their earnings will be zero and not negative 
  • Match Reshuffle - If teams are unbalanced, the game will redistribute players to reduce any skill differences where applicable. Premade teams stay together. 
  • Grit alternative Skins can now be unlocked via Barter Coins! 

+ others. "Read More" for full list. 

Oct 14, 2015

Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted Edition IS OUT!

The team is so proud to be able to announce that SECRET PONCHOS: MOST WANTED EDITION is officially out. It's been a 5+ labour of love for our small team and we hope that it shows. To celebrate we've launched a new trailer as well as put the game on sale for 25% off on Steam. You can get it HERE